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Margherita and Karl  - Florence, Italy

We were really excited to participate in the  Airbnb + Casa Stela Artist Residency program .

On our arrival in Guatemala we were taken by the colours and tropical nature as well as the scent in the air . When we arrived at Casa de Stela , I loved the courtyard and bright colours very cozy and felt like a small gem hidden away. Jess who hosted us throughout the week was lovely and very friendly and showed us all the unique and local parts of Antigua . We felt like locals and learnt a lot. It was really inspiring also to meet the other designers and network and share our stories and passion of being designers and artists and working for ourselves . 

To be able to meet local artisans and learn their techniques and see them work is really inspiring and you really appreciate the craft and tradition. It was a pretty special experience, and one that we will cherish and remember. Jess was formidable in showing us around and introducing us to people and parts of Antigua that are only known by locals. We came away with a buzz and inspiration and also new friends to collaborate and work with. 

La Serra MK Textile Atelier \ Florence Italy


Sky Carter  - Sydney, Australia

I had the great pleasure of finding myself part of an artist residency in Antigua, Guatelama earlier this year. Hosted by the stunning Jess (who is a beautiful soul) in her amazing bohemian paradise, I felt completely at home and welcomed. Jess took us on a whirlwind of workshops and adventured of which the highlight for me was a day trip to the Chichicastenango markets. We also met local creatives like Master Dyer Olga Reiche who gave us a marvelous indigo dying session. We spent a day with the Mayan women who so warmly and generously welcomed us into their fold to take us through the beauty that is back strap loom weaving. Actually all the activities were great and had all activities had wonderful value from an exposure and professional development point of view. As a fibre and textile artist I would recommend this experience to anyone who is an artists interested in textiles. Jess and her in house chef extraordinaire made sure we were well fed on wholesome food that was so tasty and nourishing we never felt wanting. It was worth the 24 hour flight from Australia to spend a week in Antigua with Jess, it seems crazy but I was so entertained and fulfilled by the week that I don't really remember feeling jet lagged. It was great to be part of a group of like minded artists and makers and the magic of Antiqua as a backdrop made for a week of my life which I will cherish for ever. I would do this week again in a heart beat.

Sky Carter Colour \ Sydney, Australia